Saturday, December 09, 2006

A portrait of the Self-Claimed Poet. The last trials.

Welcome friends,
for the last time. My story has finally come to an end. The inspiration which fed for years the home-keeping creation of The Self-Claim Poet (as I called my previous self), begun to expire much much earlier. I still don't know why, what to do... Did the volcano died out, or is it just sleeping? I still have general plans of new projects, which some seem very exciting to me... But I cannot push them through my emotional up to the hands... I think that the problem might be the lack of adecuate education, creative techniques... Maybe bad karma...?

Below I present you last two poems from the group of four, which have been last four pieces I have ever written... I think it was about 2002, but they lack dates...

„The poems are hiding”

The poems are hiding
Inside closets like rats
The poems are hiding
In wardrobes
Like stocks of clothing
They quail in fear
Down cope in the bedroom
The poems
Reek maggots in the corners
And blow off the candles of new poems
Like death

Tłum, Rafał Gadomski, 03-11-2006

“The aspects of defeat”

Mines of uncertainity under the walls of your city
Bombs of uncertainity droped all over your city
Automobiles full of dodgy prisoners,
Taken on uncertain warfares,
Your city full of prisoners…
And candour
Picked over in the wardrobe
In fugacious colours
Frigid, possesive, unmannered…

Mines of uncertainty under the ruins of Your city
Bombs of uncertainty on the ruins of Your city
No left prisoners – uncertain
From Your city – into the captive…
Will tremble Earth – Your city will tremble

Tłum. Rafał Gadomski 03-22-2006

Those pieces talk for themselfs. Were is war and death, and defeat, there is no space for poetry.. I guess I wasn't to strong but, I have to admit one thing... This writing has changed my life for good, and in positive sence. Only take into consideration the fact that today I'm sharing all those with you, which I wouldn't consider a few weeks ago. One never knows what the future will bring...

I have one advice for all fellas who feel the inspiration. Never be afraid of writing, and write as much as you are able to... Improve you're technique, and sensitivity.

Big thanks to CSOMETIMES... Your invitation was for me a chance to dig into my memory, and revive some old feelings which I thought had felt asleep forever... Thanks C...

And I still don't say the last goodbye... I still owe some stuff!!! While studying economy (have had to change to cultural studies because of statistics and math which kicked me off), I've been spending most of my time in the Warsaw's School of Economics cafeteria, writing short stories. I have four of them, still not translated, and it seems really a huge project to rewrite them into english. But I'm thinking, I'm thinking about it...

So friends, no goodbyes...



jojo said...

Yo, dude....I'm not fond of your style, but to each his own. I'm new to blogging.....ypu can check out 2 poems I wrote on my blog

Random Walker said...

Nicely done. When the inspiration strikes again, keep posting. Capture your thoughts while they are fresh, and alive. Keep writing!

Rose said...

I too am a poet and you sir are suffering from a bad case of writers block perhaps?