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"Dreams and Expactance". Another chapter.

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The story of The Self-Claimed Poet is slowly comming to an end. For unknown reasons the source of inspiration within, which have fed his expierience thtoughout the past few years is slowly expiering. Within the two years time, he doesn't write anything. Yet in the 2001 surges another project of his. It is called "Dreams and Expactance", and its clue is to describe some of the dreams he have had and he had considered important throughout his live. The dreams are about nothing, but many people still consider them important, or even being the roadsings for the living. So did The Self-Claimed Poet, and this is the way in which he tells goodbye to some of the major roadsings of his. Not all the poems from this output are translated. This is, again, a selection:


The child of Yours (?)
Have rushed to me this one more time
From the chamber of Yours,
Through the lobby,
That may this one more time get ensured:
“Tu mama
tiene los ojos mas bellos del mundo”*

*”The mom of Yours
has the most beautiful eyes in the world”

trans., Rafał Gadomski, 03-11-2006


I will stand and await
For You on the crossing,

Hopeful that you will come
And hold out both your hands to me

And we will freeze like this one more moment

May once again
Look straight into each others eyes


Therefore will arrive one day,
When I’ll be there, in
With my own work for my money.
You'll arrive,
You travel around for your own money.
You'll stand
And you will stay.

Trans. Rafał Gadomski,

Note, that the violent tone of the expieriences written down in the first collection, has vanished completely. This looks very positive to me... And it still looks kinda trivial. Just like the dreams use to be... ;)

I'll be with you the next Saturday, to finally enclose that adventure, with one last article about my past expieriences. See you then, friends...


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