Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am afraid...

For the Darkman cometh...

Across the sea his winds carry the forces of war.

All will rise and despair.

I am afraid,

For the Darkman sings.

It is a tune of pied piper...

Where all dance and follow...

They do not see the cliff.

I am afraid.

It is the Darkman's hour.

His bells ring and the masses panic.

His grasp is far reaching and wields great power.

I am afraid,

For the masses will starve but will not eat.

They will thirst, but will not drink.

They will fatigue, but find no rest.

They will suffer, but find no quarter.

I afraid.

Mostly because he brings death and woe to mankind...

Your hand in mine, we will stand,

And say "no more."

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