Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dark, but art nevertheless

The above pics are from two of my favorite artists: Giger and Beksinski

Giger' pic is on the left.

Giger's work, as I understand it, finds its inspiration in his religious practices...troubling and nightmarish...but it works. He often depicts the female image in an erotic position; and yet simultaneously this female does not seem to be in control of herself.

Quite the contrary...she is a slave to herself and her surroundings...maybe a punishment for her transgressions in should not assume Giger's work relates to our plane of existence...

On the right we see Beksinski. His work finds heavy influences in World War II. He was young during the Nazi occupation and had the very rare opportunity to stare evil...true the face.

He was murdered not too long ago...I don't know the particulars of course but I cannot help but think it was a fan...maybe his work drove someone to I said I do not know and I could be very wrong.
There are other works of the abyss...Barlowe's Inferno, the Dore`, The Witches Hammer, and others...but these two are my favorite.

Why would I choose such artists? In my line of work I am often asked to predict and mitigate really bad behavior...I try not to look into the abyss because, as Nietzsche said, it looks back into you. By studying the work of these men I can look into the abyss through their acts as a filter and helps me to keep my sanity...

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