Saturday, November 15, 2008

Does our blog have any future?

Dear (invisible) friends. I write this post to share a thought with you. As you probably observed, our blog, (which indeed was supposed to be a community), is suffering a long season of stagnation. I wonder what is the problem? At the beggining there were five people to write posts. We were supposed to be more each year - instead, the blog shrinked. We got one new member for the one that was out, but he haven't posted once. The actual member greenthumb haven't posted for a year. Is it that csometimes doesn't care for her own child? Or maybe c is no longer "csometimes" but "cinthepast"? If it is so than I have to state, that starting January 1 2009, if nothing will change, I will stop posting on this blog, which for me is no longer an artistic community, but a blog of two guys, (that makes me and Crime Analyst). And I'm sorry Crime Analyst, that you have to read this.

With best regards,
Raphael Gadomski


crime analyst said...

RG- I am sorry to read your comments my friend. I have enjoyed writing with you- it has been an honor. Contact me at should you start another blog and wish to share creative endeavors.

Ernest (Crime Analyst)

Rafał Gadomski said...

I not yet quit. I like this blog, but I got an impression that csometimes no longer cares about it.