Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Task of Writing

I have been writing a Star Trek story for some time now; about 2 years. The story comprises 4 "books"- each with 3-5 parts. By my estimates, it will comprise 17 parts and approximately 3000 pages. I have completed part 1 of book 1 and have completed about a third of part 2.

The story is about the Federation take over of their region of space which eventually leads to the take over of our galaxy. It's a huge story...going to take a while to write.

This effort has been a challenge as I have three "stories" to keep track of. First, I must keep focus of the story line of each part I'm writing. Then I must tell the story of each developing piece and characters. For instance I am using an intelligence organization as the main antagonists/protagonists of the entire story line...I can only tell a little bit about them at a time to keep their development moving throughout the entire series. Finally, I develop the Federation from part to part, book to book...not to mention all the character development that I have to over see.

I figure that it will take me years to finish. You can find part on the Star Trek Fan Fiction website at

If you get a chance to peek at it please do so and tell me what you think. Don't worry I can handle criticism...just be gentle...LOL

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