Saturday, June 16, 2007

For My Father

It is difficult to express the significance of your presence in my life...

For years I feared you, but it kept me in line

For years I hated you, but I was immature

For years I avoided you, but I was avoiding myself

Then, one magical day, I delivered a life into my world...

And I was unprepared for the power she had over me

And for years I have run to you for knowledge and comfort

For years I have turned to you for support, the ever steadfast champion of my causes...even when the world thinks I'm wrong

And now as an adult I can look at you as a man, my father, and say thank you for remaining firm when I needed it, gentle when I didn't understand, and a believer when I could not believe in myself.

You are, as you always have been, my gravitational center,

And a mark for me as a father, and a man...

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